Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater Harvesting

 Rainwater - perfect for home and garden. Save up to 50% of city water and protect our environment. You save money by reducing your City water consumption. Where City water is used for toilet flushing, washing clothes,Irrigation, rainwater can be used, 

 We offer various Rainwater Harvesting systems. You can select from a wide range based on your individual requirements 

Good reasons to use rainwater

 • Save money by reducing water consumption 

• Be independent of the water utilities and water price increases 

• Soft rainwater is particularly good for your plants 

• Contribute actively to the environment and conserve our precious water supplies 

• The sewage system is eased, because some of the rain water is collected and is not passed into the sewer system 

How it works

Rainwater from your roof is diverted into the underground storage tank, where it is filtered, kept cool and dark for optimum quality. On demand, the water is pumped directly to your WC’s washing machine and outside tap, or to a header tank, which in turn feeds your appliances. If the rainwater storage tank runs dry, depending on your individual system, a small amount of water will be “topped up” into the underground tank   or the header tank supply will be switched to city water.

Rainwater Harvesting

WRS- USA offer a wide range of Rainwater Harvesting and Sewage Treatment System.

Irrigation Systems

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