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With our SBR Sewage Treatment plants

 you get the safest, most eco-friendly and best value long-term solution for off mains sewage treatment. SBR Complete sewage system offer you total peace of mind. We can advise you on the optimal system for your needs, and assist you in the application process for permits and subsidies, as well as helping you by putting you in contact with competent and reliable companies for installation and maintenance. 

Sewage Treatment Sludge removal units

 Sludge removal is one of the main operating costs of a small sewage treatment plant, and that cost is increasing. SCS  the Sludge Composting System, is your opportunity to make yourself independent of the costs of sludge removal. SCS technology, with a Europe-wide patent, solves all problems related to sewage disposal. All that remains is clean water and top quality compost 

Sewage Treatment Commercial Systems

 Now, the advantages of small sewage treatment units made of PE are finally available for small sewage treatment units for up to 600 people. The FLUIDO XL is ideal for communal systems, restaurants or businesses and can be individually designed depending on requirements. The modular construction and the active fill pump (ABP) enable an optimal adjustment of variable loads, for example seasonal oepration. This flexibility is decisive for good discharge values even under difficult conditions. 

Sewage Treatment System Solido

The SOLIDO treatment plant draws upon SBR technology to better manage the treatment process required to clean wastewater.

 There are many sewage systems on the market today, but the SOLIDO is the only one that has been designed with both the end user and the installer in mind. Impact on your garden is minimised during installation, and we regularly see systems being fully installed within a day or two 


 WRS-USA,LLC installed two septic systems for two different houses which required no leech lines what so ever. This was great because of the lack of land to install a leech line. His price was great !!!! compared to other estimates I received from other contractors. This is a state of the art system which requires very low usage of electricity. Now the problem has been resolved that I am no longer lock into a acre of land requirement for a septic system. :) Jens installed both septic systems in a professional and a expedited manner. He explained how the system works and even follows up with myself to make sure everything is working properly unlike some contractors one installed and received their payment they are gone... Thanks!–TIM BAILEY 


 Letter of Recommendation WRS-USA One of my neighbors recommended that I contact Mark Murray of our Williamstown Lake Association re: a recently approved Septic System that the State of Kentucky approved for Installs on properties with challenging topographies such as mine. Mark too was denied a permit for a conventional septic system on the Lake. I contacted Mark who has been approved for this system which WRS-USA installs. Mark provided me with the info on the system and the contact info on Jens Gartner and within a little over a months time frame of contacting Jens I was approved and granted permits by the State of Kentucky Division of Water and I was able to get my permits for Construction of a manufactured 16’ X 66’ manufactured home on my property on Williamstown Lake in Williamstown, Kentucky. Jens and his Associate Ben Haggerty made the process very simple for me and took care of all the paperwork and filings with the State. He visited my site and walked me through the layout and explained how the system worked along with providing me the information I needed to make a informed decision. This system allowed me to put a much larger home on my property which better fits the needs for my large family. It uses about a 3rd of the land needed for a conventional septic system for about 65 % of the cost. Dave Speed Lake Williamstown Williamstown, KY.–DAVE SPEED 

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